Principal’s  Message

 Dear Students,

Welcome to the New Session with new resolution and new hopes , resolutions to implement all the policies to make children useful and responsible citizens, those who bear strong physique & will power.

MRV carries the spirit of Morality, Righteousness and Vitality. Every MRVian has to be moral being , doing only what is right & ethical and has to be full of vitality.

 Paulo Coelho has written in his book ‘ The Alchemist’ “When you aspire something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve”.

I also felt the same. It is by the grace of God at each step that was taken, there never was even a single step that was travelled alone. There was help just for the asking.

Even now the entire MRV staff & parents are putting their best foot forward to achieve these objectives and there is complete support from the management.

My dear children, we have created a positive learning environment for you to see your dream come true. Be determined to achieve , all the obstructions will shed , and you will stand apart like a lotus flower untouched of social ills and dirt.

I am proud of you that you have always brought laurels to the school in all spheres and will continue this tradition of being marvelous.

With you ‘ I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep’.

My prayers to God to bless you vision to be successful in your mission.

Great life awaiting ahead.